Tardive Dyskinesia and Tardive Akathisia Difference?

Im revising for my medical finals at the moment and doing some Schizophrenia revision..

I had a quick question on some of the extra pyramidial side effects of anti-psychitics:

I understand that tardive dyskinesia usually involves the face but can at times involve the limbs in a choreo athetoid nature, wheres akathisia is more of a 'severe form of restless leg syndrome'. I just wanted to ask if there is any clinical way of telling the difference between the two as they both just look like repetitive movements to me!
I ask this as in previous years have had exams containing vidoes of schizophrenic patients with movement disorders that you have been required to name.

14:54 Sun 08th May 2011
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Never heard of Tardive Dyskinesia or Tardive akathisia....so Google them.

Anti-Psychotic..............that is not correct...it is not Psychitic.
Question Author
sorry anti-psychotic it was just a typo.
i have googled both and you tubed both and couldnt find any abvious differences i just wanted to know if there were any defining features of either or they could be used interchangably to separate this type of movement disorder from the other movement disorders such as dystonias and parkinsonism assoicated with the drugs also.
wardie....watching the ManU v Chelsea match so sorry that i was a little sharp.

I understand both terms, but it was the "tardive" that fooled me and i now understand, but cannot see any difference in these involuntary movements.
Question Author
ok great thanks for your answer, at least I know I'm not missing anything :)

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