Revlon Perfume 1960's/70's

Does anyone know the names of the Revlon perfumes around in the 60's & 70's. I remember wearing 'Intimate' and one other but can't remember its name. I first thought something 'dew' (not Youth Dew..that's Estee Lauder). I woke up thinking about it this morning (don't ask me why) and its driving me mad! sad am I !!!
06:39 Thu 29th May 2008
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I was thinking of "Charlie" dont know if it was made by revlon, there was "Gingham"also
Question Author
Thanks, no it wasn't Charlie (forgot that was Revlon) I remember it had quite an incense smell
Bobby heres a few more "Moon Drops" or maybe "Blue Jeans" or howsabout "Jontue"!!!!
Question Author
Thanks so much it was Moon Drops

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