Getting Rid of Brassiness in Hair

After years of using drugstore box colours on my hair, my hair has started to turn a bright and horrible reddy/orange/brassy colour.
I do not want to put any more drugstore colours on my hair as i have completely lost faith in any of them fading to a colour which is not brassy.
I have a beauty supplies near my house and would like to know what colour i could buy to lift my hair from a dark dark brown to this http://static.igossip...re_bombed_night_t.jpg (medium ash brown)?
Someone said a blue based colour mixed with a 20 volume do I know which number to get and which brands are good? How do I know it is blue based and how long do i leave it on for?
Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
10:31 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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I can only suggest to you to go to a reputable hairdressers or grow it out.
Sorry, just to add. It's difficult to lift the hair from a very dark dark colour.

Hairdressers will strip the colour first I would think. You can have a consultation at a hairdressers for free.
Better to have it professionally reduced first and then redone... ideally with a blend of two or better still three closely matched shades so it looks naturally multitonal
The blue base takes the brassiness out. There are some blue shampoos and conditioners on the market but I cant think of the name ... perhaps someone can help me out. But your hair would have to be bleached very light before this colour would work. No good if your hair is dark.

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