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I put a nice and easy dark brown colour in my hair yesterday to cover a red that had grown out my hair is naturally dark but Im not happy with the coverage I may have needed to leave it in longer how long do I have to wait before trying again?
13:20 Fri 24th Feb 2012
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I've dyed my hair, not liked the colour and gone out and brought another one and done it same day. Not sure if it's advisable but I do still have all my (quite long) hair :c)
I'd leave it a couple of washes. That's all.
I find red is hard to cover trionam, I am naturally dark too and even having it coloured professionally has struggled to get rid of all the red.
I've done what china has done as well, give it a good intensive condition afterwards whatever you decide to do.
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grand will give it a couple of washes before I try again really thought Id cover the red no problem thanks for the advice everyone.
No point in wasting time & more root growth. Your hair is already processed; re-apply tint asap.

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