the races

im 22 iv never been to the races im going to ripon and i dont have a clue what people wear? i dont want to turn up in a really posh dress n look silly!! any ladies been to ripon and what did you wear?
22:59 Tue 19th Jul 2011
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Hi Carliex
If you feel like dressing up, then go for it. You'll never feel out of place in a really posh dress at the races.

But equally you'll never feel out of place in smart casual either. Go as you please although its best to avoid really casual shorts and tshirt style.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes though, there's a fair bit of wandering around and standing up to watch the races.

If its an evening meeting take a warm wrap or jacket and scarf as its quite cool after about 8pm on an open race course.

Be yourself, be comfortable and don't bet more than you can afford to lose!
Have a great time.
I'd second what Maidup said about taking something to put on, if it's an evening meeting. I went to York last year, about this time. A breeze started blowing across the course and it got quite cold.
Smart casual. And comfy shoes. Good luck with the weather as well !

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