Is an old painting by Neal Butcher worth anything?
19:19 Sat 29th Jul 2006
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can we have more detail as there is nothing on any www site that even comes close to this and so maybe you spelt the guys name wrong? maybe?
I would hope so, as Neal Butcher was my uncle. At times he sold his paintings for good money, at other times landscapes, florals, and other more or less representational art that was pretty typical of his work was out of style. Please describe the painting, and I might have a better idea.
I have an old painting by Neal Butcher. It is in a gold frame that is 29"x41". The painting is of white chrysanthamums in a red vase. The background is darkish. What can you tell be about this painting?
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Hi I also just purchased a Neal Butcher painting from a antique shop,it's beauty captured me,its 29x41 with white i thought was peony's in a red vase with a dark background.i would love to know more about the artist.
I bought a Neal Butcher painting, a beautiful desert scene(20x40) in an antique store in Seal Beach,CA. I'd like to know its value although I intend to keep it.
Dear Bizwhizladey,
I have what I believe to be an Original painting of white mums by your uncle, however the vase is not red in this painting like post people say their paintings are. This vase is white, with very detailed lace work. you can feel the paint and see some of the slight paint runs in the painting. Not planning on selling this but have any idea what it is worth in case I should insure it? Thanks Pamela.

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