Dame Edna at Wimbledon

Maybe not exactly the Arts ! But has anyone seen him/her at Wimbledon in Dick Whittington Pantomime this year ? What are your thoughts ?
19:03 Thu 15th Dec 2011
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Tonight is the official opening night but there have been some preview shows, enabling The Telegraph to put this review online within the past half hour:

"the lack of a slapstick kitchen scene is to be greatly regretted"

There you are then - kiss of death.
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Saw him in matinee this week, he seems to be losing the plot, as soon as he came on stage alll the little children (and a lot of the adults) started talking among themselves. Better without him methinks.
Unfortunately a lot of the younger people will have no idea who he is...
that's interesting, smurfchops. He's getting pretty old (77... four years younger than Rolf Harris) and maybe just not cutting the mustard any more.

The last time I saw him was about 1970; he was already doing Edna, though she was not then a dame.

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