Does anybody know the name of the Indian who befriended wild creatures in and around the 1940's? I believe their is a biography about him of which I can't find becos of not knowing his name!!
23:09 Mon 12th Dec 2011
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Do you mean Greywolf, who was actually a man from Hastings. He lived in the wilderness with the animals.
Sorry - Grey Owl, and the name of the book is Pilgrims of the Wild
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jamesnan, perhaps you're right and I've got it totally wrong! I shall see if there's a book about him. Thanks!
Hi Potty, have you tried to google it, especially now you think you may have the right author and title? Good luck
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Glad you put that right jamesnan! Grey Owl was a dictator! Thx a lot. I'll be able to get it from Amazon now! Yippee!!
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Pusskin. Eureeka! Found it!
good show potty --sounds a really good book x

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