Why don't you have a separate topic for religion. It would create considerable discussion. At the moment it is a part of politics whereas it is a powerful subject in its own right.
15:12 Sun 02nd Nov 2008
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It's already down there as a sub topic of Society and Culture.

It's all a bit of a mess over there on the left really
Question Author
Yes thank you ! I have just found it but its lost in the Science section and in any case its a contradiction in terms . Religion is a belief and no matter how strong that belief it is not science. It should therefore stand on its own.
Question Author
Sorry I now realise its in Society and Culture but it is completely lost in such an enormous topic.
I agree modeller, sometimes it's better to discuss subjects like religion in Chatterbank. You will find a wide range of views on there, it can be a bit egghead at times, but you soon get used to it.

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