Put water cannons on the street with a permenent dye in the water then you can round them all up the next day JIM
16:51 Tue 09th Aug 2011
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Don't use dye, use smart-water ... and if you're a 'spectator', tough, go home, don't be there.
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i think thats been suggested, a number of times.
This would only work if the curfew was in force as you seem to have thousands of spectators mingled in amongst the looter/rioters as well as many looter/rioters masquerading as spectators, with the curfew in the streets can be cleared so anyone found after a certain time will be marked as a criminal and hit with the cannon.
true, though i guess the grandad in nightcap and slippers might stand out as not being the type, but who knows these days. According to one report there are any number of plains clothes officers in the middle of all this, so how would you stop them being part of the gang sploshed.
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I think self expanding riot foam as used by Judge Dread would be a good idea! You simply cover all the trouble makers in it wait for a few seconds to let it set then simply cut the offenders out and cart them of to prison.
Just a shame it doesn't exist, yet.
Lol, D97x7 and then ship them off to an iso-cube
Sounds good to me!
Where would you put them? There's a huge area to cover.
No doubt there would be claims for damage to clothes/hair as it would be successfully no real crime has been committed
Well it was only an idea out of a comic, so not to surprising that it wouldn't be practical.
I think Trim was the first person in AB to suggest 'Smart Water' being used in water cannons. It's a great idea and for anyone who doesn't know what effect the liquid has,...then read the following:-

I don't think the authorities in Mega-City One listened much to claims.
Water cannons only work when a crowd is standing up to the police. The looters we've seen on television would be running away before the water cannons could be positioned for use.
A few dozen Water cannons would be more practical than a few hundred Policemen chasing offenders.

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dye filled water balloons!

...and you never know...its impossible to be angry when playing with waterballoons so it might even provoke peace and every one having a jolly good jape and, exhausted and wet, heading off home for jelly and cake!
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