Insurers 'can help find lost pets'

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 The AnswerBank

Its common knowledge that the UK is a nation of pet-lovers, but no one likes to think about the worst happening to their furry companions.

As everyone who owns a pet knows, it can be hard to keep them from escaping from time to time. Whether they sneak out through the back gate, dig a hole under the fence or wrestle their way off of the lead chasing after ducks in the park, it can and will happen at any time.

Taking out pet insurance could be one of the best ways of help locate a lost pet, it has been claimed.

Sainsbury's animal cover provides up to £1,000 towards the advertising cost of locating a cat or dog and up to £750 if they disappear for good.

The money can be put towards posters, radio ads and newspaper slots all in the name of finding your lost pooch or feline friend.

With widespread coverage around your local area it can be easier to get leads as to the wheabouts of your pet - most of the time someone who had taken the animal in will often call the number left on the posters and ads.

A few experts suggest tagging your animal, this can be done electronically or by simply giving them a name and a contact number on a tag for their collar. This way your animal can be recognised quickly and you will be promptly alerted when they are missing.

It would also be a safe bet to sure up your garden security. While hiring a security guard and installing floodlights may not be the best answer, covering holes with stones, locking your garden gate and by keeping an eye on your pets you can ensure they don't dig their way out too easily.

Research conducted in 2009 by the firm found missing moggies and canines can affect the wellbeing of many Brits.

It found 12 per cent of those who lose a cat suffer "anguish".

Of those who said they could not locate their animal friend, 55 per cent found it alive within the next five years.

Six per cent of those asked believed that their pet had been stolen, either by crafty thieves or familes who just decided to take the pet in as their own.

Pet insurance manager at the company, Lucy Hunter, stated these types of occurrences are a "huge worry".

"Just last year more than 50 cats went missing in Stourbridge, West Midlands, with many owners fearing that they had been stolen. The area became known as a feline Bermuda Triangle," she said.

Another option open to people in this instance is signing the UK National Missing Pets Register.

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