I thought you might like this..........

21:01 Wed 18th May 2011
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Seeing a bird eating from someone's hand reminds me of (many years ago) taking a group of blind children to London and getting them to stand, in Trafalgar Square, holding out handfuls of pigeon food. I'll never forget the look on the children's faces when they felt the pigeons landing on their heads and arms!
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Oh bless em!It's a lovely feeling when you know they trust you enough to get so close.He's bringing his young ones down with him at the moment too.
That's lovely Polly - I have a robin in the garden who will eat out of my hand, but then robins are often quite tame. Not seen a blackbird do it before
I remember you telling us before about this blackbird :-)

The video is lovely, thank you for sharing.
Nice one Polly ! Keep feeding the Birds.
Question Author
Thats lovely bensmum.He not only does it with me but my OH too.We were away last week and were a bit worried about him,but he even came to our son too.
He is pretty comfortable with you! My grandmother has a squirrel who knocks on the window for chocolate biscuits.
that's lovely
Is the Squirrel called BOO Ed ? Just a thought !! ;-))

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