amniotes verterbrates are generally classified into 3 orders: reptilian, birds and mammalian. of the following, which group contains one member of each order? house sparrow, garter snake, african elephant or african lion, sea otter, herring gull, ostric

16:11 Fri 04th Jun 2010
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Both African lions and sea otters are mammals.
House sparrow, herring gull and ostrich are birds
garter snake is repitilian
elephant lion and otter are mammals

I don't altogether understand your question.
You've put your question in the heading which is why only part of it appears. YOu full question is:

Amniote vertebrates are generally classified into three orders: Reptilia, Ayes (birds), and Mammalia. Of the following, which group of three animals contains one member of each order?

Ostrich, American robin, Norway rat.

Beluga whale, black-footed ferret, box turtle.

Timber rattlesnake, fence lizard, leopard.

African lion, sea otter, herring gull.

House sparrow, garter snake, African elephant.

Obviously, the last group is the correct answer.

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