my cat is a camel!

she doesn't drink any water? I refresh her bowl daily (which is in my room so i see her most of the time). She eats like a gannet so I know she's not poorly. I'm used to having pet dogs and they drink like a fish to speak ;-) I just wanted to know if this was usual as I can't understand how a lack of water could be healthy?

18:19 Thu 25th Jun 2009
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From cat protection web site
All cats require fresh drinking water. Cats fed tinned food may appear to drink very little as they get some moisture from their food but water should always be supplied. Cats deprived of sufficient drinking water can become ill and it is especially important to provide drinking water if a cat eats only dry food.
my cat only eats dry food, but I've never seen him touch his water.

he's perfectly healthy, if a tad overweight!
Maybe your cat is getting water from other sources. My cat hardly touches the water I put out but i see him drinking from puddles from the dripping tap, from the toilet bowl. From anywhere but what I put out for him.
Not exactly unhealthy,but more annoying as we've all had problems with dry pu$$y,without lube,its no joke.
We have always put out water bowls for our cats as advised.
However,the only times we have seen any of our cats drink much water is when they were old and their kindeys were playing up.
Both tinned cat food and pouches contain a high incidence of water,and that is where most cats get theirs from.
Of course if your cat is on a dry food diet it will (hopefully) drink more water,BUT as you cannot force a cat to drink most vets frown on a 100% dry food diet,as this can lead to cystitis.
Hi ems:

No, you don't tend to see them drink very often, do you? It's rare for us to see out two having a slurp.

I concur totally with Mr Veritas, we've seen our late cats drinking a lot when they get past about 12 years old.

Don't worry, though, I'm sure your little beauty's getting as much as she needs. She's quite normal.
My two will only drink from an old tin mug that my partner used to use years ago!! We found them drinking from it once and as they never used to drink from their bowls, we decided to use that instead!

It's done the trick for them as I can hear them slurping away in the kitchen!!
when I read this the first thing I thought was --- the toilet, so just in case pls dont use things like "loo blue" etc.
why not mention to the vet on your next visit ?
If she goes outside, then that is where she is drinking.
We had two cats who prefered to drink from a fish pond than to have fresh water. The vet said it was ok and no harm would come to them.
Cats are very sensitive to smells & tastes and it may be that your cat does not like the smell/taste of fluoride or chlorine that is added to virtually all tap/drinking water. Try putting some non-fizzy bottled water down for her and see if that makes any difference.

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