Bait for mice.

What's the best bait to use in mousetraps for catching mice?
19:27 Sat 03rd Nov 2007
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mice are cousins of hamsters, so i'd say either cheese (cheddar or swiss) or a carrot: 8050JSQVZg
Chocolate works very well.

When you have trapped one, don't let it go just outside the door because it will be back. Take it at least a mile away before releasing it.
Have to agree with whiffey.
Mice love chocolate.
i saw a documentary on animal planet, where they showed mice going crazy over a plate of baked beans? They'll be so flatulent afterwards, they wont be able to run very fast so you can catch them easily
I use chocolate covered raisins - they seem to like those. Agree with whiffey that you should let the mouse go some distance away.
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We've just 're-located' four wood mice and they were caught almost instantly with large crumbs of Nice - biscuitssains economy ;-)

You will use a humane mouse trap and not the other foul variety, won't you?

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