I've seen the AB Ed's message about work being done on the website, but...

At various times, yesterday and today, clicking on '' results in a 'not available' or 'Site under construction' message.

Yet if I instead click on an address from my connection history, such as '', I get through to that Answer Bank website topic without any problem, and can then proceed to other topics as normal. What's going on? How can this be?
23:24 Tue 23rd Oct 2007
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It's all the hamsters on wheels they have keeping the site ticking over. They've rebelled and have chewed their way out of the wheels keeping the place going, they also chewed the elastic bands holding the building together, so it's very real danger of falling apart.

They have also stolen Ed's cattle prod which they use to poke the inhabitants in the dungeon, so Ed is not a happy bunny when all is said and done.

I dunno really.
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Another strange thing is why this question should have ended up under 'Animals and Nature' since I'm positive I posted it in 'AB Suggestions' ! Weird.

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