Caterpillar names

I need a name for my new pet caterpillar. Don't know if it's male or female, but it has a cute face and is about 1cm long. It will be a Painted Lady butterfly one day. Any suggestions?
14:39 Thu 14th Jun 2007
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Now Cecil was a caterpillar, and Cecil was my friend,
and the last time I saw Cecil he was this big (how big?)........
Lady in Mona Lisa....she was a painted lady :O}
Painted baby
Painted Lady is my user name on another board, so if your caterpillar is a girl you can call it Jennie - as long as it's christened properly with champagne!
Question Author
Thanks all for your ideas! Will choose one of those lovely names over the weekend. He/she is doing well, very active and very sociable.... I'll keep you posted about his/her progress!
Bird food
I'm a bit late but how about Pillarpuss?
(Am I the only person in the world who remembers Teddy Tar? Pillarpuss was his pet caterpillar)
Question Author
Lol at Toureman!!
I don't remember Teddy Tar or Pillarpuss, Robinia.

Today the wee beastie has really grown up, has attached itself to the side of the pot and is doing something disgusting. To be continued.....
Teddy Tar was great. Apart from Pillarpuss (which I named my pet caterpillar after), there was a black one called Wooliwig. There was also a ginger kitten called Tizer. I have much too much time on my hands, obviously.
Question Author
OK I decided to call her Vanessa (it's along story) and she has just started spinning herself into the most lovely cocoon (Vivienne Westwood eat your heart out). I think by the end of the week she will be ready to leave my desk - and I will be heartbroken.

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