When do ducks lay eggs?

We've got a duck couple who seem to be visiting for the summer. Do ducks lay eggs at a particular time of year? How long should I expect to wait before seeing little ducklings waddling around?
21:23 Mon 19th May 2003
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Most breeds of duck will lay 5 to 7 eggs per week. Some more. Egg laying is generally less in the winter months. You will not see any ducklings unless the eggs have been fertilised. That requires daddy duck to have coupled with mummy duck before the eggs are laid. If that bit has been done the eggs will need to be incubated by the duck sitting on them for the required period. (28 to 32 days depends on breed) You need to know the sex of your duck and then introduce it to a member of the opposite sex, and then provide something for the female to nest in, and make sure that when it is sitting on eggs that the nest is protected from predators. If this all seems like too much trouble just think what a joy duck and orange sauce is.
Ducks generally lay an egg every morning. Although in colder weather and when daylight hours are much reduced they will lay fewer eggs.
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Thanks both, great help!

Going to have to give the duck and orange sauce a miss, though, not my ducks! Not that I could bring myself to eat duck anyway. Though I do eat chicken, funny how we think of things, isn't it?
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