Serious Question Here Guys //do Dogs Really Have Brains//

Need I say more :-)
08:23 Fri 18th Oct 2013
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Well she is a believer in God, there is the first clue to her problem.
Well she doesn't that's for sure.
I wonder why dogs attack her? Maybe they can smell all the plastic and think she's a toy. I do find it hard to believe anyone could think dogs or any animal doesn't have a brain just because it doesn't talk. Talking is clearly no indication of having a brain.
Good grief! Words fail me. Do they not teach Biology in American schools? Or common sense for that matter?
OK, admit it - who was too mesmerised by her 'puppies' to pay attention to what she was saying about dogs?
Stoppit my ribs are hurting ....
-- answer removed --
Brilliant. Like the bit when she says she does not want to get too philosophical!
i could listen to her for hours
is she human ?
That clip prompts the question, 'Do all humans have brains'?

She is a good example of the saying, 'God is good'. She may have been short changed when the brains were being handed out but he's compensated her in other areas.
he didn't compensate her, a plastic surgeon did lol
She needs more compensation than that.
I'm looking forward to watching this later... and maybe even listening!

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