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Hi, yesterday i took my cat to the vets as she was limping badly and couldn`t put her paw to the floor, they gave her an anti imflamatory jab and a pain killer also ive got drops to give her, this morning she is still limping just as much and still not putting it to the floor, they couldnt see anything wrong but said if its no better in 3 days to take her back for xrays, when should i be seeing a change in her, and what could it possibly be? she is a heavy cat so im wondering if she has jumped and landed awkwardly, but when at the vets yesterday he was moving the leg and squeezing her paw and she wasnt flinching, so im not sure what it could be, any help please. Thanks.
09:26 Fri 09th Mar 2012
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It might not be her paw, it could be a joint problem. If you can keep her in and keep her quiet it will more likely improve.

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