british wildlife

desperate to finish only need these two. Help appreciated
26 find on old vehicle and fruit or pie
107 olden days trousers made with these
21:23 Thu 01st Mar 2012
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107 Moleskin?
I've suggested crab apple before .Are the answers all animals or birds?
Hi Q, 'cause I've been away for a bit, and I'm not as clever as you, I can see the apple bit, but can you explain how crab fits in to "find on old vehicle" please, as I just can't see it ??
Hi,TW just noticed your question. If you google Sherman Crab you'll get all the gen Apparently it was used in WW2 I'm probably on the wrong track but I don't think any other answer has been given? Don't know if answers have to be live Wildlife.
Hope you're keeping well.

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