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I live in the NE England and the gardener has being doing some weeding and cutting down of some dead grasses to find 6 deserted eggs under a bush. They arnt in a nest as such, are what in colour and just a little smaller than a hens egg. Does anyone have any idea what sort of bird laid them ?
20:55 Sat 11th Feb 2012
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Thank you, they could possibly be a pigeons or dove eggs
Pigeons and doves only lay one or two eggs at the time, so I doubt if it is that. It may be a pheasant or your neighbour's hen has found a new laying place.
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Mmmm we definately don't have any pheasants or hens close by and its in such a tight area the bird would have to be smallish but obviously not too small as the eggs are quite large.
I've never heard of pigeons nesting on the ground, their eggs are less than an inch long. From their size they must be bigger than a partridge which doesn't leave much choice.
Partridge eggs? They nest on the ground.
I was going to suggest pheasant too.
Maybe a is a fox's cache. If there is not a lot of places around for them to dig, it might have decided to hide it under your hedge for a rainy day.
Sounds like partridge eggs to me

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