Converting a guinea pig cage to a hamster cage

I recently bought a large indoor cage for a guinea pig but have now changed my mind about owning a guinea pig. We have a syrian hamster and I was thinking of getting him a much bigger cage. Would anyone know how to convert this cage into a hamster cage. Obviously im going to have to by some wire mesh. I dont like the look of chicken wire plus I doubt they sell one with holes small enough that a syrian cannot squeeze through.
I believe Syrian cages need a bar spacing of 1cm, does anyone know where I can get mesh with spacing that small?
The cage is 100cm long x 48 cm high x 53cm Deep.
14:18 Sat 29th May 2010
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have your tried B&Q they might have something
Most garden centres and B&Q DIY shops etc do small mesh wire sheets, sometimes by the roll. its very easy to find 1cm mesh just keep looking.

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