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I am a fosterer for Cats' Protection with a single pen in my garden. Please can anybody advise me how to keep the flies away from the cat's food bowl. I have put the bowl inside the living quarters along with a fly repellent which i got from the garden isn't having any effect. I cannot keep the door to the living quarters closed as the current occupant doesn't know how to use a cat flap and puts up a fight when I try to train him. (I wouldn't want to keep the door closed when it's hot, anyway) . I am feeding both dry food and meat and I suppose as a last resort I could feed dry food only during the day when the flies are more active. Please can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
19:36 Mon 18th Jun 2007
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i think dry food is your only answer during the day.
I had the same problem until last year, when i got so fed up with turning my back and the food being covered in eggs/maggots that i changed to dry food. Since then its been ok, although it does attract them they don't lay their eggs.
Did you know it takes 12 hours for an egg to change into a maggot YUK YUK YUK

Only 1 answer

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