dogs being sick

my dog was sick. so i took him out and he started eating grass, does this prevent them from being sick or does it make them sick.
13:27 Wed 08th Nov 2006
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Eating couch grass will encourage a dog to bring up frothy bile, and they often do it even if they are well, but in this case the dog probably did it to help him bring up something undesirable.

Mine love to eat it and they don't always bring up stuff. If they find a good patch they all line up and they will also take it from my hand if I pick it for them.
I think grass is like a medicine to dogs. My collies often eat grass. I think it has something to do with them having an upset stomach and grass calms it down, it also makes them induce vomit to get rid of whats making them sore..
I've always wondered that myself, my collie cross eats grass quite regulalrly!

I'm glad you asked the question nickynoonoo!
"Nickynoonoo" was the name my mum gave my little thingymibob when I was little and I havn't heard that name in ages!!! just a side thought there!
If our dogs were still wild or allowed to roam free?they would have access to allsorts of natural herbs,weeds and grasses that they could need to survive everyday.We confine them to our homes and provide their so called dietry needs from packets etc?Some breeds of dogs need extra vegetables with their food to prevent things like Anal Sac problems,Terrier breeds are more prone to thisand would benefit from extra veg ev so often,the odd carrot here and there.Did you know that when a dog vomits you should always give them chance to re-eat the Vomit? and then clean up the remainder?Dogs sometimes Vomit so that they can re-digest something not previously digested properly?Sounds foul I know,But hey,thats Nature!!!!!!
Sorry but I would never give my dog the chance to re-eat its vomit. Whatever was in there that made it vomit does not need re-eating (it could be poisonous), also if it cannot digest it in the first place there may be something seriously wrong with the dog.

In the pet dog world the dog does not have the need to re-eat vomit - it has enough food available!

Another thing - if your dog is eating grass and bringing up food in the vomit (rather than just bile) or if there is any blood in the vomit please consult a vet as there is something wrong!

Dogs do eat grass and bring it back up, when it is just grass and white bile there is no need to panic, it is just their way of clearing out their systems.

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