My friend wants a dog

Her old dog died about 6 months ago and she swore she would not get another.
She is a teacher and hated the fact the dog tied her down - the poor dog had an awful life shut up in the kitchen for hours on end - but she is adament about getting another now - and she does not want a small one either - her last was a dalmation. If she went to a dog trust they probably would not let her have one (I would love one and I only work part time)
I really would like to talk her out of it but she seemes determind
16:23 Mon 26th Mar 2012
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My mother was like that with her shep, poor old thing
I got a dog when I was working full-time, it is not something that I would do again.

Is your friend able to have an outside run?
I have a baseball bat you could borrow to convince her.......
Question Author
Yes but it is so cruel for the poor dog
I too would love a dog but have to look on its own intrests as well as my own
As I said if she went to a rescue I bet they would not let her have one
Maybe,depends how honest she is ric
Question Author
No she lives in a front back to back so no garden there and she hardly ever took the other dog for a walk
Bit like my ex mother inlaw, kept the poor beast in the backyard
This might help

You can download the pdf and print it out - perhaps go through it point by point with them to help your friend 'organise their thoughts'

Sorry, but your friend sounds like a very stupid and selfish person.
why not suggest she volunteers some of her spare time at local dogs home, she could help out at weekends and they would probably welcome the help and maybe they could gently convince her that owning a dog would not be the best option for her (although there as always a risk she could fall in love with a dog that needs a home). spending time with dogs at weekends and during holidays may just be enough for her, lets hope so.
That's such a shame for the dog, especially a vigorous breed like a Damaltian. Why does she want one, if she's not there half the time?
Tell her to get a cat instead.
So many people get a dog and treat it like a cat; they should learn the different needs of their proposed pet and make sure they can provide them.
It's the dog's needs that should be paramount not hers.
I would ask her why she wants one, and if she has no intention of giving the dog appropriate exercise ask her how she would like to be shut up all day.
Perhaps she wants a dog that will protect the house and herself.
I'm going to play devils advocate here and point out that maybe a life where shut in the kitchen some of the time might be an improvement than almost 24/7 locked in a kennel?
Can I ask ric, if she never took the dog for a walk and he never had a garden, where did the dog go to the loo?, not in the house surely.
If she doesnt want to be tied down she definately MUST NOT have a dog. I know they are great companians but unlike aquantances they are part of the family. I treat my dogs better than I treat myself, My wife died suddenly last week and I find that I'm comforting her favourite so much that its taking my mind off things. He does miss her badly. Your friend needs to put the dog first and I think that Mandys idea is excellent, I used to sponser a couple of Border Collies at my local rescue centre. They were long term inmats and elderly. I used to go yjere 2-3 times a week to take them out in the car for a walk. Loads of sanctuaries have similar schemes for their permament residents.
My friends has recently bought a new border collie and and it keeps running away. So what did she call it ?

Google - as she has to search for it ! (True story )
I read the results of a recent experiment where cameras were put into homes to film the behaviour of dogs left alone for long periods of time. The experiment concluded that the dogs suffered quite severe distress, which is often why they are destructive when their owners are out. Isolation isn’t good for dogs. They’re better off with company in kennels.
I was going to suggest getting an old dog that just wanted to sleep but old dogs do bring their own problems.

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