Large docile FLIES???

A week or so bad outside my back door there has been a loads of dicile flies on the wall- I could just brush them off as they were just walking around very slowly???

This morning I went into my downstairs loo and there was about 20 of these large flies about just sitting and walking slowing around the walls- I just sucked them up with the hoover.
There really getting on my nerves?

Anyone have any ideas??
Do you think there might be something dead in between the wall cavity???
10:58 Sat 05th May 2007
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Sounds like its mating season :o)

Unless they are flying ants....

Can you supply a photo?
I think what you suspect is right, it's probably blow flies that lay their eggs in carrion ie dead birds or mice etc.
Give them a spray with fly killer and I think you will soon find them gone Good Luck Tbird+

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