Magners Irish Cider advert song

does anyone know the magners irish cider advert song ???????
00:54 Mon 14th Aug 2006
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Last one was Donovan's Sunshine Superman. Downloads / Sample sof all here =magner
its Donovans 'every trick i te book' i think

Zombies - Time of the Season

Is The Magners Irish Cider Advert Song

Kind Regards

Night Moves by Strangeloves.
Galway Girl by Steve Earle & Sharon Shannon
They're all on this link =magner

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There is a Magners irish cider advert with a song, there are no words in the section on the advert, it is a nice tuneful piece. Wondered what it was..
I need to know the song to the Magners Irish Cider advert, its a 60's / 70's era song. Any help would be great!!! Cheers
i saw the new magners irish cider advert today on channel 4, does anyone know what the song is on the advert??
Does anyone know the name of the song sung on the magners irish cider advert on the radio, or who it's by? Some of the words are "it's the time of the season of love..." Thanks x
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what is the music for the current magners irish cider advert, the music before this one was the zombies but i like the current song too?

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