Music To The Thompson Holidays Ad - And others.

Hi, does anyone what the music is to the Thompaon Holidays TV ad is? - Also, while i'm here; what about the Oldish, Kia Picanto advert - Anyone know the music to that? - Ta! Vincent O'Neill.

11:53 Wed 18th Jan 2006
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The music is exclusive to Thomson holidays it is available as a 30 second download on their website

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Thanks mate.

I also have an old copy of Lujon, by Henri Mancini and it turns out this is what it was sampled from.

Thanks for your help.

It's actually either a rehash or blatantly stolen from of the final song in Babe (the film about the pig). Everytime I heard it, it was getting on my nerves where the song was from, and I suddenly thought of it last time I saw the advert.
Towards the end of the trailer is a version....but one more like the advert is in the film.
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This is actually a song from 1977 by Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keeley called 'If I had words'.

It was driving me crazy too for days and then I started to sing along to it in the shower this morning so I googled the lyrics and came up with the answer!
The music in the Thompson ad is the from the last movement in Camille Saint-Saens Symphony No.3 in C minor for the Organ, and was rearranged in modern music for the film Babe.

Gilana Thursday 12/02/09

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