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Hi Can anyone tell me the name of the classical music used in the Old Spice aftershave advert on TV, think it was in the seventies??




20:38 Fri 21st Oct 2005
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Carl Orff wrote it and it was called Carmina burana
O Fortuna is the tilte, I forget the composer
if you mean the dramatic, awesome classical piece then type carmina burana into you tube and there it is, mostly people have recorded themselves to the tune but the music's still there.
It's O Fortuna from Carmina Burana and embodies all that is wrong in classical music in under two minutes, building from being so quiet you cant hear it , so you turn up the speakers, then it becomes so loud it destroys your speakers!!! . Sample / download and destroy your sound system here tist=orff

Seriously Carmina Burana in one of my favourite clasiical "things"

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