New Axa Ad

Who is singing in the background on the above ad please or what is the song?
09:47 Sat 26th Oct 2013
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Little Shoes Big Voice singing Little Things Mean a Lot
this isn't the version in the ad but I do like Timi Yuro's voice
I think this is the best known version- from 1954
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Cor! That was quick thanks guy's
Yep, those guys were quick off the mark.
Here's the full ad with details of the music

The notes say "The version in the ad was produced by Aardvark Sound and performed by Little Shoes Big Voice, a duo featuring Jack Durtnall and Emily Harvey. It’s not available to download, but you can get the Kitty Kallen version from iTunes."
Duo band called Little Shoes Big Voice, song called Little things Mean a Lot. Alma Cogan did a version in he 50s and The Platters did one in the 60s. I like this one best.
The song is 'little things mean a lot ' first recorded by Kitty Kallen in the fifties.
Sorry dont know who is singing the ads version, but would like to know if anyone can answer.
The song is available now on iTunes. Search little shoes big voice. The vocalist is Emily Harvey, it was arranged by Jack Durtnall and mixed and produced by Ross Gregory at Aardvark Sound in London.

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