Sunday telegraph General Knowledge 1008

Please can anyone help

15 down Greek General and historian who was a disciple of socrates
8 letters X_ _ _ _ _ _N
Also 19 down Japanese dish containing thin fillets of raw fish
7 letters S_ _ _ _ _ I
Also 10 across 1/100th of a lek in Albanian money 6 letters

20 across Preoccupy ones thoughts intensley or abnormally 6 letters
_ _ S_P_

22 across This crab inhabits a mollusc shell 6 letters

_ _ R _ I _

thanks in anticipation
17:38 Mon 19th Mar 2012
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15d Xenophon
19d Sashimi
10a Qintar
20a Obsess
22a Hermit
22 Hermit
19 sashimi
please don't put quiz stuff in the advertising section ;-)
I suppose she got 5 answers within 2 minutes so maybe feels it doesn't matter
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