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Does this advert drive anyone else mad? I mean the one where the Mum storms into the classroom, completely ignoring the wave from her son (Simon from Corrie) and snatches the Millicano out of the teachers hand and walks across the playground still in her PJs.

How rude is she? I know its only an ad but bad manners and rudeness are my pet hate so it really riles me to see her snatch from the teacher in front of school children.

Many kids (or adults) watching will think its OK. (or am I being my usual 'sillie' self?

21:13 Sun 26th Feb 2012
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Is your last name carno btw?
I think it's a really stupid advert... It would put me off buying it just because it's so stupid!
It doesn't look like Simon to me!?!
Question Author
Postdog - LOL! How did you guess!!
Sorry to be pedantic but that's not Simon from Corrie.

In answer to your question.....nope, I just switch over when it's on lol :)
No it makes me laugh. I hadn't thought of it in that light.

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