Who's the big fellow that fancies himself (Figo) in the adverts "for Men" Some ex footballer? Thanks in advance...Johnt
19:54 Tue 31st Jan 2012
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Big (I love me very much) Figo
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Figo I recall
Maybe I have misunderstood your question as you have said yourself it is Figo
This should help. Media URL:
Big (I love me very much) Figo
He palyed for Portugal I recall
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Not being at all keen on football (I think it should be totally BANNED on TV) I was thinking Figo was his first name!!! Thanks anyway for straightening me out!. Johnt
Louis Figo was one of the most talented and modest footballers in the 90's when he played for Portugal in a national side which completely outplayed England on more than one occasion.
Amused that peashaq calls him 'I love me very much' Surely that title must go to the most overrated,overhyped and selfish footballers of any generation-David (I'll still expect to be selected for my country when I'm 50) Beckham ??
Most disturbing ad since Pele advertised Viagra. The suggestion seems to be that when he uses hair colour For Men he hasn't lost his :-)
It's cheesier than that Michael Owen one a few years ago for Persil.

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