Mcdonalds ad

Anyone know the music used for the mcdonalds tv ad
14:12 Fri 05th Aug 2011
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Bob Dorough - Three Is a Magic Number
The bit in the song kicks in at about 38 seconds.
de la soul also released a version of "the magic number"
or do you mean the happy meal one?
Question Author
I keep telling the missus that 3 is the magic number, but she isn't having any of it :-(
ahh thats glad all over
And I would be, but she isn't having any of it :-(
Old joke - didn't the Pips sing that?
I wonder why the you tube video has a picture of the Bits n Pieces record sleeve
I think it is is an LP that also has 'Glad All Over Don't You Want Me & others'

From the YouTube:-
Here's a common 60's track that's so good that I decided to make a video of it! This is a Canadian pressing of the LP on the Capitol 6000 series!
Thanks for clearing that up for me, sometimesit.
AAAH - memories of my youth ..... its Glad All Over by the Dave Clark Five. Still one of my all time favourites, you can't beat 60s music!!
Lol Old geezer.
Full list with download options at this moment in time Bob Dorough and Dave Clark Five doing the rounds

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