Anyone elses..

Anyone else running slow today. the cursor goes round and round for what
seems like ages and by the time it says your answer was accepted everybody
and his gran has answered before me. Okay I'm not the quickest aber on here,
but you know what I mean!
14:55 Sun 19th Feb 2012
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It's often like this on a Sunday, IMO, cupid - all the crossword questions!
Painfully slow .Every weekend it slows down to snails pace.
Yep same here cupid. Must be a weekend-thing! :)
Slower than a sloth that's having a sunday afternoon nap ...
Question Author
Would it help if the ed put his batteries in?
Yes- i have had to log out and back in again when my screen hangs today.
traffic is high on Sundays and it doesn't help that so many crossword answers are being posted ages after the answer has already been established. One reason this is happening (because I've done it) is that when you click on a question the answers don't appear- they go off the bottom of the screen because the ad next to Best Answer takes up so much space- so you answer it and then realise you are too late
just SWT, I think... sheer weight of traffic. A lot of crossworders, a lot of duplicated posts, people enjoying their weekend.
Question Author
Sorry, moan off over with. As long as everybody else is in the same boat!
I haven't been able to access msn e mails for 2 days. Is that slow, or what?

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